Presentation Guidelines

Please check the online conference program to re-confirm the time and room of your session. Whilst we don’t anticipate any changes please check the program again prior to your session.

Below are some tips to assist you, most importantly please ensure you start and finish your presentation on time.

Before the Session

  • In order to facilitate the organisation and flow of the conference sessions please upload your presentation files prior to your arrival at the venue to the ALLIED HEALTH SYMPOSIUM ONLINE FOLDER so that the venue technicians can load them into the correct session room ready for your arrival.  Also bring a back up of your files to the conference on a USB (embed any content such as audio or video – do not link to external files).  Files are due by COB Tuesday 7th November.
  • The presentation computers use PowerPoint with Windows operating system. As a backup, we suggest you bring your laptop if you use a Mac or require a specific or uncommon program.
  • Abstracts will be available on the Conference Website.
  • Please go to your session room 15 minutes prior to the start time to meet the session chair (their name will be noted in the program), AV technician and familiarise yourself with the room and audio visual setup.

During the Session

  • Please be seated in the front row so that you can move to the lectern quickly at the end of the previous presentation.
  • There will be an AV technician roaming between the rooms to trouble shoot any technical issues should they arise.
  • The length of all concurrent orals is 10 minutes leaving 5 minutes for questions and changeover. During your presentation, please keep a strict eye on the time.
  • At the end of your time the chair will ring a bell for you to conclude immediately. The chair will only invite questions if you have finished in time.
  • We do not want to embarrass you however the session chairs have been instructed to end all presentations after the allocated time, even if you are not finished, in order to keep the program to time.


There are no facilities for photocopying at the venue. We suggest you bring a copy of your slides and any handouts with you (if desired).

Upload of Presentation Files

To facilitate a smooth and on time delivery of the program the committee requests that you upload your presentation files prior to arrival at the venue so the technicians can test your files on their system and load them in the correct session room ready for the commencement of the meeting on Friday 10th November.

Ideally please load files to the online cloud by COB Tuesday 7th November.

The cloud will remain open for late and revised presentation files until the morning of the symposium.

Please name your files with the first and last name of the lead presenter so that they are easily recognizable.  E.g. Lastname_Firstname.PPT

Important Dates

Abstract Submission - Monday 14 August 2017
Early Bird - Friday 27 October 2017
Symposium - Friday 10 November 2017


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