Anterior Communicating (ACom) artery aneurysm: Clinical syndromes and presentations

Dr Clare Ramsden1

1Tasmanian Health Service, Hobart, Australia

Anterior Communicating (ACom) Artery aneurysm syndrome was first defined in the 1980s, and initially included severe memory impairment, confabulation, and personality changes. Following an early growth of research in this area, there has been limited literature in the last decade, although ACom aneurysm (both clipping and rupture) continues be a common presentation in neurosurgical environments. In addition, there have been changes in both imaging and surgical technology over the past decade that affect outcomes and survivability. This presentation will review the literature on the cognitive sequelae of ACom aneurysms, the functional impact, and examine appropriate assessments for this population.


Dr Clare Ramsden completed her neuropsychology training at La Trobe University before working in private, public and third sector organisations in Australia, England and New Zealand. The majority of her clinical experience has been in the field acquired brain injury.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission - Monday 14 August 2017
Early Bird - Friday 27 October 2017
Symposium - Friday 10 November 2017


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